Title:Nendoroid konjiki no yami GSC

nendoroid konjiki no yami will open for preorder sooon..order at your fav. online figure mall or nearest to your house =D.

title: Kimono nendoroid

nendoroid yune has been reveal in gccmikatan wordpress huhuh..lets get poison by her pictures and pose.

title: Dizzy guiltygear alter

dizzy will be restock again in december, this is happy news for all those who miss to buy her in the april first released. dig up ur wallet fellas


BRSBEAST order is open now.go order before u feel regret ^^

title: miku hatsune hsp

The POP and CUTE version of Miku. The popular version of Miku illustrated by Hiro Kanzaki.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Review Plum 1/7 Scale PVC Figure of Alisa Ilynichna Amiera [God Eater Burst]

Hello ^^ this is the first time Im doing my PVC review. Today’s review will be from Plum 1/7 Scale PVC Figure of Alisa Ilynichna Amiera [God Eater Burst] . i already got few PVC however I still haven’t do any single review about them. So im going start with this Alisa =)

This is the first figure also I bought from PLUM company. Actually I never heard of god eater burst because the platform for the game is for PSP. I don’t have psp =0 I like to play game better on PS3 rather than small screen on PSP. Due to Alisa is shown on the web and I wow…what sexy PVC the way she pose and that huge giant enormous sword is tempting me !!!
Going to go for preorder one but in the end I cant and have to let her go. =0 however on that fateful night the boss of AFhoby poison me and yeshhh I take the poison and bring Alisa home. Weeee ^^
I never play the game..but the game more just like the same with monster hunter. I did read some review and some said the game is nice and some said the game is boring and the monster is not much variety.
Forget the game =P haha this is about Alisa PVC.  Alisa Ilinichina Amiella is her full name. she is 15 and her class is sniper. Her god arc is assault gun/long blade. She from Russian branch and if u read her biography she is mentally unstable due to her past incident with aragmi. But I not sure because I do not play the game. 

The PVC is 1/7 which is u expect she wil be much taller. But to me this height is ok with me. Plus with that enourmous long blade make her appearance much better compensating the shortness.  The blade itself is heavy and support by special stand on the base. 

The way she pose really increase the sex appeal hohoh expecially her chest which most of the boob can be seen from below but nahh its not cast off too bad =( 

The skirt can be taken off but have to be carefull since the part of skirt quite soft and afraid it will break. I did tried take it off but I don’t take the pic of her showing the pantyhose and her pantsu =P
Overall the figure is fantastic well done. I can’t c any defect or any paint scratch. Just that the stand for the blade is tight abit when u take it off. Every single things is well detailed  =) nice job from PLUM.  Alisa face also ok and does not look so much weird to me. The eyes even its more like rhomboid however its suit with her.  I give 10/10 for this figure =)
If you have any comment or critique about this please let me know and lets share together.  The studio setting I did is the background I used rainbow paper  and adjacent with 2 lamps. The temperature colour  is 7000K. enjoy the pic =) do comment also about the figure photography. Im stil newbie

Monday, 16 January 2012

optimus revoltech =) shoot of today

after clas dont know what to do..so thinking of shooting optimus as i havent shoot it before.

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