Wednesday, 24 August 2011

my wishlist $__$ 1/8 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: Dizzy PVC

dizzy initially has been release in april 2011. shes so hot n smexy. my most fav character in guilty gear game. i cant get her due to no money T.T and i hope will be getingg her this time. full with high hope haha.

even though she is 1/8 scale, the wing will add the height. the necro and undine give the total height about 30cm. *__* i cant imagine if her scale become 1/7 sure will be more tall.

front picture of her. she loook awesomeee...her pose really cute with that facial emotion. from far can see that she been sculpted very good by Yagyu Toshiyuki.

from behind can see the both the wing necro and undine attach to her back.her tail is not flexible unlike her hair. however, looks at the butt. >.< dizzy dont wear any pantsu. huhuh..if close up image u might get nosebleed.

now about the detail on the right wing necro. nic detailing on the wing as u can see the skull is superbly done. the eye socket and the jaw of the skull is nice. there also hollow inside the eye socket making the skull look realistic like the real one. necro thin >.< err skeleton finger what u can expect no flesh at all. caution might needed to break the finger. hohoh.

undine the left wingg..heaven side. undine well made also like the necro. undine hair is made like its moving flowing with the wind which is nice. her eyes is close but wil it be more nice if her eyes is open? does it look weird? >.< i dont know. both undine hand is held in closely not like necro finger. =0

this is close up image of her..see she so smexy. her sexy cloth really tempting me. the colour of the cloth is suit with her. but the her skin colour abit pale. hmmm maybe to make the cloth enhanced more for the viewer. her face is kawai. no problem with the face at all. i will give 10 full rating for this dizzy. nice one from ALTER.


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