Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nendoroid Yune

get ready for another kawaii nendo. this time with a kimono cloth.. *eye bling bling*
she come from anime Ikoku Meiro no Croisée which started air in july 26.
get ready to be poisoned with her pictures. hahah. date of released and preorder will be anounced soon i hope >.<

she soo cute..her kimono is well done and so detailed with the design fit with nendo size. a good artwork on the cloth. huhu. her umbrella is included also. she is the third nendo with kimono cloth that superbly well design.

nendoroid shiki is another nendo with kimono..i dont know her much. >.< i dont watch this anime yet.

ok bincho tan is the other one. this one also i dont have the time to watch the anime even it always airing in tv last time. yeah i know she is small and venturing into the human world with her friends. huhuh

this is her in bow siting position. an extra lower body part. ^.^ this make her bcome so cute espcially when in diorama of serving theme.

another accessory of her is the white headband and apron. i like the apron. it can be used to other nendo also. XD and in her hands is a book with the tittle : ‘Les Petites Abeilles’!
the contain of the book im not sure bcause i dont watch the anime yet. but i heard the anime is boring >.< arghh...ignore the anime. the nendoroid is much fun compare to the anime. hhahaa


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