Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nendoroid Konjiki no Yami ^.^

yeahhhh a nendoroid from To Love Ru, Konjiki no Yami shall be released soon. made from GSC.

she will be released on december 2011 waaahhhh at the end of this year. this one wil be my present for my birthday. hahaha. I expect she will arrive at malaysia around 1 or 2 month and i hope it will not be delayeddd. arghhh i hate delay word even though i like delaying some of my assignment untill closer to deadline. kui kui >.< her price is ¥3333 so when converted will become RM130. woahhh so cheapp for a really kawai nendoroid. hahaha.

err i dont know why the pic become blurr when i resize it. @.@ something is wrongggg...
her eyes kawaiii when eating fishcake? arghh i forgot that one food name..it got red bean inside for sure. in malaysia we call it bahulu. @.@ haiyo why i forgot.

yeahhh more fishcake? with the bag..so kawaiii.. hahaha. from i see this nendo come with 3 facial expresion. 3 face plate is good. ^.^ worth the price...

wooo hoooo...look at that. her hair become punches. muhahah this is one of the best hair for nendo. ultimate punch. bewareeeee !!!! this is one of absolute reason why i should get her. she wil become hot cakes after released and her price sure going up in ebay in a later times. >.<


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