Monday, 22 August 2011

putting some few links to figure shop ^^

my second day with my blog. messing around with trying to understand the HTML and evrythiing. im so slow. haha..i put 5 links of online figure shop which i like most. the most shop that i often use is thefiguremall shop and follow by xl-shop and timemeachinekl.

the figuremall is friendly shop nice to hang out. xlshop got free point sticker for evry figure u buy. that point can be exchange for cash voucher which is handy to get discount for expensive items. hahah..i rare go to the third shop, timemachinekl due to the owner keep nagging ask me to buy something which is dangerous @.@. i dont want rape my wallet.

the hobbysearch and hobbylinkjapan is international one..have to use paypal. i dont have paypal yet so cant buy the items from there. soon i will make paypal. much more easier to shop from japan shop site. ^.^


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